Challenge Iceland 23 júlí 2016Prenta



Nú í fyrsta skipti er haldið á Íslandi þessi vinsæla og krefjandi þríþrautarkeppnismótaröð frá samtökunum Challenge Family:

Jæja, gleðifréttir.
Jón Oddur Guðmundssoner búinn að skrá tvö lið í Challenge Ísland.
Kvennalið: Shut up legs.
Sund: Jóna Helena Bjarnadóttir
Hjól: Þuríður Árnadóttir
Hlaup: Árdís Lára Gísladóttir
Karlalið: Shut up both legs
Sund: Benedikt Sigurðsson
Hjól: Runar Helgason
Hlaup: Berfættur Skólaus (óráðstafað pláss).
Keppnisgjald fyrir einstakling er kr. 6670
Leggist inn á reikning 0121-26-3759
kt. 110874-3759Challenge Family expands to Iceland


Situated in the stunning “Bay of Whales” in Iceland, the world‘s northernmost half distance race, CHALLENGEICELAND, will take place on 23 July 2016. The athletes will swim in an untouched crystal clear glacial lake left by the glacial melt of the Ice Age 10,000 years ago and run and bike in the picturesque, diverse fjord landscape.

Ideally located as the ‘bridge’ between the continents in the middle of the Atlantic, Iceland is a newcomer in the CHALLENGEFAMILY. “The idea started with a vision of a long course race with an open water swim since the races in Iceland have almost all been in pools due to cold water. Our race has grown successfully from the first races and now we are extremely proud of being selected to the CHALLENGEFAMILY ”, said Vidar Bragi Thorsteinsson, the founder of the race.

“Iceland is one of those magical countries and its beauty is out of this world,” said CHALLENGEFAMILY CEO, Zibi Szlufcik. “CHALLENGEFAMILY’s commitment to providing iconic races in iconic destinations that stand apart in terms of quality makes Iceland the perfect Challenge race destination and Vidar and his team the perfect partners. We are very much looking forward to introducing more people to this spectacular part of the world.”

The 1.9km swim course takes place in a crystal clean fresh water in a glacial lake, and the one loop 90km bike race with rolling hills and short climbs in the old main road is one the most iconic bike routes in Iceland. Another beautiful country road with long hills will be the scene for the 21.1 km run course.

Race organizers Pétur Einarsson, Vidar Bragi Thorsteinsson, Einar Stefan Kristinsson, Bertel Ingi Arnfinnsson and Elias Gudmundsson from Race Makers Iceland have worked together in conjunction with Kjós municipality to make CHALLENGEICELAND a reality.

The Minister of Industry and Commerce, Ragnheidur Elin Arnadottir, sees great value in CHALLENGEICELAND both for Iceland and the community of Kjós: “It is our long-term goal to have a variety of events that associate Iceland with nature, health and family activities and CHALLENGEICELAND is very much in line with that goal.”